Threadlocker Primer

Part Number: 146825
Unit Size: 4 Oz. Can w/ Pump Applicator
Unit Per Case: 10


Product Description

Dynatex® Threadlocker Primer is a flammable but ozone friendly product which replaces the original trichloroethane based product. It speeds cure of all anaerobic fluids and assists in speeding fixture times and reducing ultimate cure times. Significantly speeds up the cure time of anaerobic threadlockers when assembling metal parts that are cold, have large gaps or deep threads. Primers are recommended when assembling metal parts with inactive surfaces such as stainless, galvanized steel and zinc.
  • Decreases set up time
  • Increases breakaway torque
  • Cleans and prepares surfaces for bonding
  • Insures cold-weather curing
  • Activator for inactive metals

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4 Oz. Can w/ Pump Applicator