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Product Information
Dynatex® School Bus Yellow Sealant/Adhesive
Dynatex® School Bus Yellow Sealant/Adhesive is a flexible, durable sealant, which bonds most materials similar and dissimilar. Provides a water-tight silicone seal for a wide range of sealing and water-proofing applications. Eliminates leaks and drafts in windshields, and body side windows. Seals flashing and warning light signals. Can also be used as a body seam sealer. Fills voids and irregularities. Bonds and seals frayed wires, interior panels, fire-walls, dashboards, seams, joints and holes, signal lights and electrical connections. Secures wiring to prevent rattling. Temperature range -60° to 450°F. Provides long lasting elastic seal and adhesion.
Originally Published on Thursday, July 25, 2019
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